“Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.ā€
-Wayne Dyer quotes

well its been long i have posted something on this blog…right now i feel like a kid locked in mr.micheal jacksons bathroom ..scared….un aware of wats gonna come next… thats wat u feel wen ur on bench…its been a month since i had some real work ….without any work…and RnD is not the thing i like to do in free time so just surfing and reading the blog world in n out…there are such amazing blogs around which gives me a feeling that m writing crap …but on the other hand there r so many blog which no body reads but still they are on..running like a personal diary ..n such things give me feeling that even my blogging life can survive….:)

i have taken off from office for 1nhalf week..m suppose to be in rajsthan now… my cousines wedding…..right now just lazying arnd n surfing more n more just to keep my self bzy ….till i go to my next destination…..which looks like impossible task….letc if i am big enuf to crack the nut…

pray for me and till den … :)


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