iRead : It’s Not About the Bike

To be afraid is priceless education
-Lance Armstrong

Frankly i don’t like autobiographies.Its better to read one wikipedia page then reading 300+pages…but in the past i have read one (was forced to..) about and written by sidney shelton .I didn’t enjoy it much so i thought will never read any autobiography again …but here i am… reading one more (again forced by priyanka) its about lance armstrong called “Its not about the bike”….my journey back to life.

Its not about the bike

Its not about the bike

Lance is a american cyclist and has won the Tour de France a record-breaking seven consecutive years. But as the name suggest its not about the bike..its about how he survived the testicular cancer with 20% chances of getting out of it.

The book tracks lance from his childhood to his second tour de france win , from his personal life to professional life,from personal setback to magical comeback,from sense of loosing to sense of belonging,from lows to highs,from nowhere to everywhere….

The book narrative is simple and engaging.The book written by Lance along with Sally Jenkins gives detailed narrative of how lance fought with cancer..his pain,helplessness,determination,anger,joy …all well caught. What i liked most is the message it gives…”impossible is nothing” ..great motivational book.Its about surviving the worst.. Its story of human triumph over all odds.

Lance says if he has to choose between winning the tour de france and cancer he would choose cancer.He would rather have the title of cancer survivor than winner of the tour,because of what it has done to him as a man,a husband,a son,a father and as human.It just explain how much agony and pain his been through.

A USA today quote explain what he and his book means to cancer community.
“Among cancer survivors, it is known simply as The Book.”

Just a para from the book:

“I asked myself why my victory had such a profound effect on people .Maybe it’s because illness is universal-we’ve all been sick,no one is immune-and so my winning the tour was a symbolic act,proof that you can not only survive cancer,but thrive after it.Maybe,as my friend Phil Knight says,i am hope.”

If you have a heart ….you cant miss this one!!!!!!!!!!!

My rating 4/5.

p.s.: Thanks priyanka!!!!


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