SM and AR

“I thank billion people from india ”
-A.R. Rahman



Alas,Rahman made it… the best bollywood music director of our time..winning golden globe.:)…and this will remain one of the high point of his career.

i thought i would watch SM in movie hall when it releases in india…but with all the hype around the movie couldnt control myself…so had to watch it on my PC.

Well nicely execute movie,great premise,awesome plot,extra-ordinary acting but a weak screen play(they won a golden globe for this) as there are many loopholes in the screenplay.

And AR brings in awesome tracks which just blends with what you see on screen ;Its not that its the best work of AR but its extra-ordinary enough to fetch him a golden globe(I think rang de.. was better label).

Overall a nice feel good movie about hope and destiny with equally good soundtrack by AR.

Movie is not worth the Hype but watch it!!!!

Movie : 3/5
Music : 4/5


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