iRead : Shantaram

” Elegantly written, page turning blockbuster…splendidly evoking an india few outsiders know. ”

-One of the praise describing Shantaram.

The 936 pages short amazing saga of bombay from a firangis point of view .

Gregory David Roberts AKA shantaram takes you through the journey of the maximum city with such an insight into the soul of bombay that you wonder do i know enough about my own city.Although it revolves around south mumbai it gives quite a piece that makes the city what its.

The narration is intresting and doesnt give you a chance to ponder upon the fact that its written by first time writer.Basically its a semi-fictional book which revolves around Gregory’s life in bombay after he escaped from a australian jail.In bombay he lives in slum as a doctor and treat the poor people;6 months in a maharashtra remote village;Joins local mafia;fall in love with a mystry gal;held in arthur road jail;fights with muzahiddins in afganistan.

One thing which makes any book interesting is the way characters are written and shantaram is no exception.The way character are sketched is interesting and the few characters which remain with you till the last page are Gregory,Prabhakar,Abdul Khadir,Abdulla and Kalra;specially kalra and prabhakar you feel for them.

Although its difficult to make all 936 pages interesting Gregory manages it well with few exceptions for example the afganistan trip (almost 80 pages) and the philosphical conver. between khadir an david.

Over all a fantastic read if you have patience to read 936 pages.

My Rating : 3.9/5

P.S: Some of my fav. quotes from this book :

“Real trick in life is to want nothing and to succeed in getting it.”

“one thing you cant defend yourself against is the good that people say about you”

keep reading lods of crap…cya…. :)

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2 thoughts on “iRead : Shantaram

  1. hey thanks for coming by my blog, i am delighted…
    Nice post..!! Some of the quotes that i have put it there, i have searched for them by fast-reading the book and that was pretty tough to do..
    keep in touch and keep reading…

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