How Much A NANO Will Cost You?

In a glittering ceremony Mr. ratan tata unveiled the look of tata NANO at 9th annual Auto Expo (New delhi) and presented the world the cheapest car on earth which actually run on the road with a prize tag of 1Lakh for the basic version.Though prize is more of emotional gesture by Mr.TATA to keep up his promise of presenting a car within 1Lakh.Still you can get it on OnRoad prize of around 1.2-1.25Lakh higher amount.

Now coming to the point it may seem useless title for the post when in the first passage itself i am quoting the offcial price;But my intensions are diffrent i want you to think beyond whats is the offcial price and analyze what can be the effect of Nano on our Daily expenses even if wo dont buy one.

Lets start with the basic data :

Its forecasted that Nano will expand four wheeler segment by 65% and at the same time wont affect the 4 wheeler segment rather it will make its customer out of people who are owning a 2 wheeler or aspire to buy one.That simply means many 2 wheelers will get replaced by 4 wheelers .

The pain : (We will largely focus on problems in Metros)

  • Indian automobile industry is increasing by 20% on Y-o-Y basis where is our roads are increasing at rate of 2% ;though you cant directly compare the two data ,still we know the pace is slow on infrastructure side.Now if goverment want to speeed up the process of building more roads because of the more no. of private vechile they have to spend the money which directly comes from the TAX PAYERS pocket.
  • More vechiles = More Traffic :

And more traffic means more fuel consumption and mind you every fuel in india is subsidized so more fuel consumption will not only add pressure on enviorment but also make sure aam-aadmis hard earned money(who uses public transport and who dont) goes into the fuel tank of car-owners.

More Traffic means more people who can manage the traffic which means more no of police men to control the traffic.Again recruiting the more police men means more expenditure which will directly comes from the revenue state goverment collects.

More traffic means delay in reporting to work which means people will try to co-ordinate things when they are on-the-way(atleast those who can) which cost you more talktime on your phone.
So to avoid traffic what one can do?? expand the roads…build fly-overs ,which just doesnt mean expenditure from authorities but also it will eat-up our reality(residential + commercial ) space which again increases the demand for free land means soaring prices.
Do you still think NANO is lakhtakia(1-lakh rupee car)…well think again….
till den… : )

sorces : mumbai mirror,


14 thoughts on “How Much A NANO Will Cost You?

  1. Well, I never seen such a stupid assessment of situation. My suggestion, go back to stone age. So there wont be any fuel consumption, no traffic congestion blah blah blah. get a life dude.

  2. It was definitely a thought provoking read….
    At one shot, we may see the NANO as a gr8 invention, but things can really spin out of control…..
    Taking nothing away from the TATAs, i guess it may cause more damage than good…
    And putting down practical and realistic views need not make you a stone age guy, my friend-“Rookie Ring”

  3. Look everone is going against the NANO the lakhtakia can , I went through plenty of articles but i did’t found single person appreciate Mr Tatas efforts ………..

  4. Car of 1.8 lakhs ( maruti 800) is ok.. but if it’s cost is 1.3 lakhs. we talk about traffic..

    same criticizm sam pitroda entertained when he introduced computer revolution.. it will reduce jobs and all that..

    actually, we are confused.. We want to develop like US .. but with our old bullock-carts ..

  5. kiyon jagda kar rahe ho yaar jo purchase karega wo karega jo nahi karega wo nahi karega kiyon apno samay barbad kar rahe ho….

  6. well, i agree this is rather a lousy review about such a great thing.. I sure feel proud and care a damn about anything other than comfort and safety of my family..

  7. hey poo…..bahut padha hai tune gd-pi ke liye…it shows..

    ya its not the original post but not copied either …actually mumbai mirror(part of TOI) …me ek article padha tha bahut time pehle…and some other blogs after googling…so got upto this…i would like to call it a “inspired” post…. :P….n trust me jitna dimag me tha inspire hone ke baad wo likha hai…but while writing i didnt refering to any post……

    waise now i have added the source in post……thx for pointing it out

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