Just another B-Day

hey….its been 24 year long journey without a purpose …without a achievement ….without making a diffrence…24 blank years …i feel itchy..i feel bad….i feel sad…goddamm years passed so fast and so quickly….and  i did nothing …litrellay nothing..except getting a bachelors degree in engineering and coding  for some US client seating in an MNC office…

but letc think again is purpose necessary???…is it necessary to follow “who will cry when you will die” funda…at times it does..but wat the hell..if nobody cries wen i die…its life and i am living it for myself..i wannna be mean(but i wonder if i can)..y should i care whose killed at TAj..or which terrorist group got banned in pakistan???(but i do)….but i think most of us dont care  unless there is peace march….unless media make it a symbol of showing a true patriotism…do we??

not sure why i am wrinting this post….but just wish me luck….to have more wise way of thinking…leaving a legacy behind…… :P


“Tommorrow, its my birthday I will hung one more year on the line I should be depressed My life’s a mess But I’m Having A Good Time…a hell of it”

till den… :)


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