Mumbai Attack : Its over

I havent watched much of the action in last 60 hrs or so..but have watched news capsules here and there..and first rection was ‘SAD..indeed SAD’ was like ur watching a nightmare with open eyes.How could they do something like..for that matter how can anyone imagine something like this on the first place.May be its over the top reaction as we already seen 9/11;but its justified because i love this city ..i belong to mumbai..its my identity…i don care abt anyother city as much as i think of mumbai.


but wat next :

Its over …we won over them…but how do we make sure that we don see this side of human mind ever after…being an optimist i would like to believe we can….and we will..i dont know wat should be done…bring POTA on…hang the criminals…kick the butts of politians who support ppl like afzal guru….but do something…i dont no wat..but something.

Meanwhile i am geeting this raj thakrey message ..abt his cowardness n all….i don support his stand…but i wouldnt like ppl to make terror attack an execuse to appose his stand…


May the soul of all the innocent people and policemen who gave there lives rest in peace.


‘An eye for eye makes the whole world blind’ -MKG  


cya… :(


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