iRead : That Thing Called Love

ITs been a while since Pj(My Ex TL) left the company but we are still in touch she is a gem of person…it was wonderful having her as my tl-cum-friend….one of the nicest person i have ever met…(this was for u Pj…)..i miss u… :)

cut to :

Coming to the point Pj told me about this book called “That thing called Love” that she was reading author was first time writers called Tuhin ;Although i have been lucky with first time writers like chetan bhagat (five point someone) and Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner) , i was little skeptical about this book neither it was so popular nor its review’s on the net was
that good….but as i had no other option(book) ..i started reading it..

When i read the first chapter i thought its a work of a naive writer but i decided to go on with the book…and as i read more and more chapter i got really into the book….

Basic premise :

It basically story of a marketing guy called Mayank who has lost his love years back and now engaged to a girl(rewa),about whom his not sure whether she will make good life parter or not and then he meets the right gal(revathi)….but wait kahani me twist.. the gal is a married and has a kid and almost 10 years elder then the our hero….but mayank cant resist and from just a casual friend go on to become a obsessed lover …and then wat happen to rewa…revathi..and mayank… the book.

There are 2-3 subplots in the book but some times you feel they are unnecessary and some parts could have been avoided for example the gay encounter of one of the charactes in the book….subplots are not that intresting but wat makes u turn pages is the sheer curiousity about wat will happen to mayank and reavthi and how will the story unfold……

Verdict :
All in all a nice read and i am definately looking forward to read more book’s of tuhin.

PS : The book has added quite a number of words to my vocabs…:P

till den…. :)


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