Tiny stories : 55 words only

The suicide

I woke up from my bed only to find her hanging to the ceiling. ‘My wife was killed by some one’ I couldn’t even digest the fact. The police were at the place in a few minutes. Just below her body was mine with a knife stabbed in my heart and her fingerprints on it.

The headache

I was having a splitting headache. I gulped a tablet. I applied a balm. No avail. And finally I removed a hammer and started banging it onto the head. First time and the pain reduced. Second time and it reduced even further. And third time. All my three roommates lie in a pool of blood.

Wrong number

“Hello,” a sweet voice called me up on my mobile. “Is this Rakesh?” she asked. “No ma’am, wrong number, but you can still talk to me,” I said as I was bored at my workplace. “Come home in the evening and the pan will do the talking,” the voice said and she cut the call.

Why should boys have all the fun

“Shhh.. Don’t shout. We’ll start to Goa tomorrow. Nobody’s gonna tell the guys,” the girls were contemplating in the next room. Having overheard the conversation, I said “Destination Goa.” We were off to Goa. Two days later, we don’t find the girls in Goa.

“Guys, where have you all been? We are enjoying at home”

My monkey wife

“I woke up today morning when I looked at the window. I then saw this monkey so huge and fair and dressed up well, imitate me.” I was trying to make fun of my wife, who normally imitates me, by calling her a monkey.

“You call this window?” my wife asked pointing to a mirror.

The Split

I slowly placed my head on the wooden platform and she slowly raised the axe. I closed my eyes in fear and she gripped the handle firmly in her hands. I said my last prayers and ‘thud’ fell the axe onto the wood splitting it apart. She was in Tokyo and I was in California.

My first love

The first time I saw her, she was shaking her body in the aerobics class. I almost drooled over her beauty. She looked at me and smiled. The world beneath me vanished and the sky appeared to be coming closer towards me. I opened my arms wide open and said, “Illeana darling, I love you”

The portrait trilogy

At the museum, we reached a dark place. Three portraits were hanging. In the first, a bloody ghoul was feeding on a woman. In the second, a demon ripped apart itself and in the third there was a female, still and calm. “Damn, She moved” I shouted. “Stupid fool, that’s a mirror,” my wife remarked.

The hitchhiker

A beautiful girl on the highway was flashing two fingers. I crossed her and looked at her, through the rear view mirror. She was gone. Next moment she was behind me in my car. I swerved left and hit a tree. Later, a truck driver came that way and saw the girl showing three fingers.

The race

I was driving home when a car vroomed past me. I started to race with that Civic. Swerving to the left and cutting across the lane, I was about to overtake it when I showed my finger and then vanished from sight. Later that night, my dad asked me the meaning of showing the finger.

till den…. :)


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