Rewrite rules, Retain values

I always believed Leaders are born and cannot be prepared in b-schools. Leadership is an in-born talent you simply cannot make a leader out of a book-scholar we have seen numerous example of leadership in all the aspect of life from adolf hitler to dhirubhai ambani they all made it big in whatever they did, isn’t it??

Coming to the point here I want to talk about a entrepreneur who changed the face of retail industry in india with his belief in indian consumers potential and now everyone is part of the race. Everyone wants there share of pie from indian consumers wallet, But pioneer is still the same i.e. Future Group.

Last week I read “It happend in india” and I just enjoyed the journey of Kishore Biyani AKA KB from small time baniya to a visionary, a leader, a true indian entrepreneur who think as an indian and feels proud about it. There motto is simple and straight “Rewrite rules, Retain values” and they have followed the motto in each aspect of there business model. I think this book is a must for every indian who aspires to be an entrepreneur some day.

Prior to reading this book I always believed KB is dhirubhai in making and this book simple reinforce my belief in him. I feel proud of him not only because he too belongs to the soil of rajasthan but also because he doesn’t have narrow minded business ideas or way of approaching it, which most of the marwaris have, unfortunately. His taken the most unconventional ways to start or stay ahead in business and thats what sets him apart from most of the business community in india.

I just hope and believe that one day future group becomes another reliance while maintaining its indianess.

Rewrite rules, Retain values

till den….. :)


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