India in Making

As we walk into our 62nd year of free india lods many things get into my mind…from our freedom of struggle to bindra winning the far we have reached and how much we can achieve in coming years.

Blast from Past:

When you think of freedom struggle the first name comes is ..ofcourse…MK Gandhi…his been der from early days of his youth till death…..his a mahatma and i really respect him for all the obvious reasons…he gave the freedom movement the right direction…he had that long term vision for india and he made sure that indians achieve that…in crucial time he took the morally high stand to stop quite india movement when chori-chora happend…and made it clear dat violance is not the way wer we should find our aazadi..thats one of the reson why i put gandhi b4 bhagatsingh or chandrashekhar azad…its not that i count there sacrifice any less den gandhi…infact i respect each and every single indian who ever dreamt of making india free and had contributed to it any which way….but the path they took was easier den the path wat gandhi took….he choose to live and battle it out…..he was der till the end and thats wat make the person legend of all time…..

Done and awaited :

In past 61 year have we done justice to all the efforts dat went through….all the pain mothers took to let there child go and sacrifice there life for indian freedom….to all the children who lost there father…wat we hope we had and wat we have achieved till date……is der any sense of achievement..well ans can be “yes and no”..exactly nobody can say that we lost the vision we had or its on right track and its in making…….

Wen i think of future today it looks very good if u have the same vision wat Mr. abdul kalam have(india a super power by 2020_…i also respect this gentlement bcoz he had been instrumental in making india a nuclear power….and have been very inspirational to all the indian of my age….but recently one thing which real made me feel sad about this enthu ex. president is that he didnt contest for presidential election for the reason that he wanted majority in his favour..he wanted most of the parties to support him….y??bcoz he didnt wanted to loose…and thats make me feel sad…. he didnt
participated bcoz he was affraid of lossing thats not wat we have learnt from this men…he didnt show that sportsmen spirit for which we always look upto him… :(

back to..
the possibilities are endless;we can be on moon….we can be a SUPER POWER and wat not….
i wish all the best to india for its future and hope i will also contribute in its success…..

till dennnn….. :)


2 thoughts on “India in Making

  1. Hi..
    First of all congrats…i have never seen somebody taking stand for mahatama gandhi so strongly.

    I have become ur regular reader. This article shows how mature u have become as a writer.

    Keep up the gud work…

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