Not so bored……

Its been while had some serious work ….for last 5 days i am without work not sure wat happend…its not that i am totally frusted or stuff…but today i feel kinda weired and depresssed too….i wanna do some thing…some work/fun …not in coding but something nice and TP …because creativity is not the subject i excel in…so just wanna chill meet friends and relax….but in any case i can never be tired of “without work” as m lazy like hell ……cant come out of my comfort zone…. :(

I wanna do MBA from last like…. n years but dont know wats going wrong or wait… i just know it; and dont wanna accept it;should better work on those negative point….
watever ….its raining in mumbai and i am happy for it…alas no water cuts from BMC….no more tanker…..:P

My mom is out town and it seem like bad idea going home early so stuck to my seat to wait till clock ticks 6….

Any way i found a nice idea for some fun….and tried it last week-end..still waiting response from the concerned person and once its approved will share with you….

for now thats called….MS.(Not Master of science)…:D

till den creepy reading…. :)


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