Why you shouldn’t buy an i-phone

Its launching on 22 Aug in india and those who didnt get there hands on unlocked i-phone must be dying to buy one…

Here are some reasons why u shoudn’t buy one…

1.If u want a decent cam which only works in day go for it..because it doesnt have Flash and god or steve knows why..and wo flash u cant click pics in night..so it sucks..

2.If you just wanna send personal messages(no fwd) go for it…..because it doesnt have functionality of fwd a msg..it doesnt have copy+paste func at all…so it sucks.

3.If you dont believe in business networking go for it…..because u cant send business card from this sexy beuty…so it sucks.

4.If you dont take pirated music via bluetooth or you believe in only data transfer via computers go for it…because it doesnt allow you to share data over bluetooth…so it sucks.

The only thing that go in favour of iphone is its looks..sleek design..touch flow…and 3G(it rocks big time).

But when you seen in indian context these quality doesnt stand much…
first obstacle is its price it will be 24k+..@ this cost u can get any phone in india under the sun..
and to add to this vodafone and bharti will have bundled offer so you cant swith the plan you have chosen initial for next 24 month.

Second is no bluetooth for data transfer…. in india where we have ringtones to latest movie in pirated form its add to the task ..u have do data transfer through PC.

To end it all it always happen with apple that its product dont have flexibility and that’s the reason why even after stealing steves OS bill gates is on top and steve still der..slogging hard..no doubt they do have all class apart products but where they miss out is the flexibility…

Just an Example to compare Apple and Microsoft products :

So, imagine you decide it’s time to buy a new office chair
You walk into Apple’s chair shop. They have this row of identical chairs. They’re stunning, easily the best looking chairs you’ve ever seen. You sit down in one. Oooh. The lumbar support is just spectaclar. Your back problems melt away. This chair is just great. So you ask the salesperson –

This come with armrests?
Can I add them later?
That’s weird. Well, it’s bolted to the floor, too. I’d like some rollers.
That’s how they come. Bolted to the floor.
Um. It doesn’t rotate either.That’s right. You just point it at the desk. It does auto-adjust for your height, though.
Dang! How on earth does it know how tall I am? It’s magic!

Then you head next door to the Microsoft chair shop. Inside they have a dozen different chairs, stools, benches, whathaveyou. Most of them are pretty utilitarian-looking. On the other hand, you can pick out the one that suits you best and you can buy aftermarket armrests. And the lumbar support, well, it’s not very good. In fact, it’s pretty bad. Plus: they all get a little squeaky after a little use.

But you really need a chair to be able to roll around, one with armrests. It’s pretty much a deal breaker.

So while you may miss that lumbar support, it’s worth it be able to move your chair around the office. Plus, you can always add a cupholder afterwards, for the heck of it. ;)

If you still buy one let me know…. :P

for the chair example source google.com


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