Deal Ya No deal

This is the question of the day.Today on the floor of the house congress
will testify whether it has the head counts to go ahead with the deals so we can have  energy secuirity for india.

In yesterdays parliament session i heard our own aviation minister praful patel speaking in support of the N-deal
and i really liked what i heard may be tone was of experienced politician he said
that congress is not hear to delay the election or save the goverment; there are here beacuse
they what assure the indias future;just like Mr. Rajeev gandhi brought computer and telephony in india
and we all no how  IT and telecom sectors are booming in india: and its the time to secure our energy hunger which is increasing by seconds.
When he say that they are not here to secure gov. i totally agree with him
because they could have signed the deal without asking the house;believe me no one in the world would have stopped them from doing that but
mr. manmohan singh decided otherwise and his seeking confidence vote in the house and i really appreciate that;I would have loved if our PM
had the deal deal dicussed in public so almost 99.99% india doesnt no wat the deal is and what are the real pros and cons of thedeeal so to say

Coming back to the D-day which is today ; i think congress will make it and all the ho-halla of mayawati as Pm will come to end;
I trust me i want that from core of the heart.Its not becuase wat background she comes from or which caste she belongs
its the dirty politics she can play; i hate her for that.

I just want this gov to complete its term and then face the election; Its not that i am supporter of congress
till date i have voted 3 times and evry time for BJP and my loyality lies still there; Its just the deal i am supporting and
i am sure it will take india places.


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