Amar singh is in news again….n dis time for all the right reasons….
his the only hope for congress gov..after cursing gov for 4 long years left has withdrawn
the support for the issue which even left is not sure ..the nuke deal…infact nobody knows
in india except amar singh probably and dats why his supporting the  gov.
so he came out in full support of sonia gandhi…who has given given amar’s suparis (as alledged by amar himself).

what politics is up to??people have changed over the years and so is the politics.I feel bad, i feel cheated;
How moral values over politicians have.

Samajwadi party it self asked for votes in UP against Congress,they have abused sonia,rahul and every congress-men
they could and now both parties are meeting like they were separated by destiny and ity was just matter of time wen de meet.

I feel bad and cheated….:(


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