protest against indian team

hey all this again started ..the same old thing…burning da posters , protesting against cricketers in front of there houses….i am not saying its bad to have expectation cricket team which is representing your nation at international forum..but don have over-expectation..

y ppl have so much of expectation?? ..the same ppl once where fan of chappel-dravid combination when we won 16 or 17 odd matches while chasing..they said ganguly buddha ho gaya as later performing n captains not ppl again started this against chappel n de want sehwag do come back home..n dhoni to give rest to his butt in pavalion ….ppl want kaif back in the team…wat a shit…isnt the same ppl protested against his house in allahabad..

i really hate when bunch of ppl come out on tha road on sunday morning in front of couple of cameras n start protesting…de never heard of word of SPORTSMAN SPIRIT …i dont mind ppl feel disheartan wen team doesnt perform well…but y this ppl dont come out to support medha pathakar..y dont de protest for every farmer who suicides in vidharbha or north of andhra…

it hurt wen ppl show there anger for issues like sport…wats the big deal if they get kicked out of wc..ur not paying dem..if u say ur paying by by buying there product de endorse..stop using dem..but hardly anyone do that….i am not against criticism but it should be constuctive…

i hope this ppl get back to there senses n start behaving wisely
get some life guys!!!!!!!!!!


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