india lost to bangladesh

today morning i got up switched on da tv…cable is of..newspaper doesnt provide update of after 12 events…i was restless…i put on the pc…n the breaking news i got within seconds..india lost…..pathetic..i still cant believe it how can we loss against a mediocore team like bangladesh…its awful to here that also….i dont no wat “bermuda” n pajama teams will do to india..sehwag getting worse by each passing second…he doesnt no to play aggresivaly or defend himself…we all no if he play nobody can stop him..but wen will he play…my darling sachin also not playing…wats happening this wc…pakistan already kicked out..atleast they have issues with pcb..woolmer..don have akhatar..sami..but wat happened to india…y this bunch of jokers not performing…after pakistan i am really in dilemma will india pass through this round…i really wish it does…with fingures crossed n mind twisted…bbye…all tha best to ur team i hope they perform now onwards…:(


One thought on “india lost to bangladesh

  1. Hi dude..

    The situation tat u explained regarding..waking up in the morning and switching on the PC …I had the same situation..And the shock is still in my mind…Whatever the reason may be..Mis-reading the pitch..Low on morale..or watever…if a team like india..which boasts of top class experienced players cannot beat a team like bangladesh on a world cup event…Its really really hard to digest…Tat too its a young bangla team with hardly 4-5 experienced players..Its just like an under 19 bangladesh team…But having said that..Believe me..Im really really happy for Bangladesh..and with all my heart i deliver my congragulations…..for displaying a splendid performance…I love to see when young guns fire..and slam the mouth of their critics..

    I have seen greater failures than this in life…And i always believed that there is room for improvement…So all i can do is keep my fingers crossed and expect a masterful performance againts the bermuda team…and an even better performance against SriLanka…They have to play out of their skins for sure…because there is every chance that the team RUN-RATE factor will come into play for the slection of Super-eights….

    All the best Team India..and i really really hope u do not disappoint millions of hope resting on their shoulders…!!!

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